Vampire Lore I – Origins

“Where did the monsters come from?  How long have they hunted us, preyed upon us, walked in our nightmares and dragged us into their damnation?”  

[Radu Florescu 1952 – Bucharest]

Hadesimages (3)

The first Vampire was spawned from the union of Lilith and the archangel Samael.  As the Book of Proverbs warns us:

Her house sinks down to death,

And her course leads to the shades.

All who go to her cannot return

And find again the paths of life

[Proverbs 2:18-19]

The product of this coupling was named Asmodeus, and he exists still as the dominant overlord of his kind.  From him spring all the lesser Vampire Lords, and their Vassals the Strigoi.


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