Personalities I – Daphne Field

“Marriage has never held any great interest for me. Love affairs are pleasant enough, but this line of work brings a loneliness that most people will never experience, thank God.” {Daphne Field, Berlin 1960}

Daphne Field spent the first few years of her life in the Belgian Congo, before being shipped-off to England for a formal education. During the Second World War Daphne worked for the Special Operations Executive, training French resistance fighters. After the end of the war Daphne was picked up by the Field Intelligence Agency and sent to Vienna, hunting Nazi scientists. Whilst in Vienna she was recruited by MI6 and sent to Moscow during the Suez Crisis. After a brief break in London she was thrust into the shadowy battleground of Berlin to work as a handler, the first woman to rise so high in the British Secret Service.

Daphne may be regarded as a touch unfeminine, but her experience and ability is held in high regard by all those who have worked with her.


{Daphne Field, second from left, shortly before her posting to Vienna}


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