Vampire Lore II – Vassals

I can’t forget the way their feet click-clacked across the concrete, as I ran into the rain-soaked Berlin night. I had no clear idea where I was going, but I vividly recall that the downpour suddenly stopped as I reached Alexanderplatz. An owl called from a nearby building, and then the rain began again.” [Gunther Harz 1960, Berlin]

The Strigoi occupy the position of loyal vassals within the feudal hierarchy of vampire society. They serve, or rather did serve, their lords with unswerving obedience. Following the destruction of their lords, the Strigoi have been somewhat aimless. Such lack of direction appears to be coming to an end in Berlin, with the arrival of two Serbian Strigoi, Sava Savanović and Ruźa Vlajna. The agenda of this pair is yet to be established.


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