Vampire Lore III – Strigoi

The vassals of the Vampire Lords, these terrifying abominations are devastatingly puissant. They are relentless monsters and the wise hunter flees, he does not confront. [Radu Florescu]

The origin of the Strigoi remains unknown. Are they created by the Vampire Lords, or do they bleed into existence by some other means? Such questions become irrelevant when faced with one of these monsters. Whilst able to adopt the form of human or owl, in the case of the former the Strigoi are unable to form human feet and instead retain the taloned feet of owls. Perhaps this is the reason they always wear full-length garments. Whilst in human form they retain a cadaverous facial appearance and so often wear wide-brimmed hats when out and about in human society.

In addition to their supernatural strength, Strigoi have the ability to stop rainfall and to cause hail to appear out of a cloudless sky. They cannot fly unless in their owl-form, but retain remarkable agility. When feeding they drink from the nipples of both men and women.


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